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Archived Post 09-08-2010 03:03 AM

Do BO traits stack and how high?
Someone mentioned to me in fleet chat the other day that he thought abilities from BO's don't necessarily stack, and that there is a hard cap to how high things can go.

So I'm curious to know if they stack and how high the cap is (if there is one)?

I have a borg BO with Efficient, a saurian BO with Efficient and a human BO with Leadership (space version: grants 15% faster damage and subsystem repair). I'd love to know how many more Efficient or Leadership BO's I can stack before spending 35-40 million EC :)

Archived Post 09-08-2010 08:55 AM

Efficent will stack with other BO's and your captain Efficent (if you have it) unlimitedly, as long as a particular power level is set below 70, you get the most out of the efficent if it is at 25 and none if above 70. And The leadership skill is still not working correctly.

Archived Post 09-08-2010 09:43 AM

The threshold for Efficiency is 75, not 70.

The effect of the Efficient BO/Captain traits is directly visible in your space stats, BTW. There is no need to wonder whether it is stacking or not.

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