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Mad House of Kahless is recruiting.

Warriors of the Klingon Empire, the Mad House of Kahless is recruiting. Although we are not purely a Klingon race group we welcome all who are brave, honorable and willing to die for your brothers or sisters of the KDF.

We are a proud member group of the KDFA and have our own ventrillo server.

Currently we have over 100 active members from all around the world and you can find us on all the time. We are a collective group of gamers ranging from the casual to the most elite. If you want to PVP of just enjoy the game as is, we are willing to help you get to wherever you need or want to go.

The cowardly terran empire is the scourge of the system and needs to be whipped like the Pa'tak that they are. Join us in game or on our website at to see if we fit your needs.


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Bump...just to keep it known

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If you would like to join the Mad House of Kah'Less you can also contact me in game. My in game name is Kah'Lan@Fotimor and I can get you an invite. Help set you up and get you the ventrilo information.

I can also help you if you have any questions about our fleet. The best way to get in touch with me is an in game e-mail if I am not on. Fell free to contact me at any time for any help.

Mad House of Kah'Less

Archived Post 09-20-2010 02:17 PM

We have currently over 165 members and at least 80% of them are very active. If you want to join a strong House with lots of experience in this game, contact any member of the Mad House for more information about us or visit our site

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Once again, The Mad House of Kahless is recruiting members. We are a very active fleet. If you are tired of logging in game to your current fleet and only finding 1 or two members on...consider us.

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