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Archived Post 09-17-2010 02:26 PM

Reminder: Breen Series - Episode 4 debuts Saturday September 18
Cold Case Debuts Saturday Sept 18 at 11am PDT

We want to remind everyone that new Featured Episodes are available Saturdays and turned on in game at 11am PDT. When a new episode is turned on, the mission will become immediately available. However, you will need to go to the right location and contact to take the new mission.

To play the new episode "Cold Case" there are a few requirements
  • You must have access to the Defera Sector (This requires level 10 for both the Fed/Klg faction).
  • You must have completed previous episodes in the episode chain.
  • You must be in the Defera Sector and hail Ambassador Surah to get the next episode.

As you discovered with last week's "Cold Comfort", Featured Episodes can be a mixture of combat and non-combat game play types. The episodes and daily mission can be played by both Federation and Klingon faction players. You can play these episodes at any level 10+ and the episode will scale to the team leader level (or just your level if you are solo). The episodes are small bite sized chunks of content, but over time all those chunks can add up into a ton of content. There is a daily patrol mission in the sector "Aid the Deferi" that offers 3 Emblems on completion for Fed/KLG players that are at max level. On this patrol, you may also find other missions the Deferi may ask for your assistance with (note: the patrols are not required to earn the special series reward)

When you complete each Featured Episode - you can return to the Defera Sector and turn the mission back in to Ambassador Surah to receive your unique mission reward.

In addition to these unique rewards at the end of each Featured Episode - there will be a Special Reward (limited edition) granted at the end of the Breen series if you completed the series prior to the next series start. You will not have to wait to get this reward, you claim it at the end of the last episode as the mission reward. That reward will only be available to be claimed up until 3am PDT on October 14th, just prior to when the next Featured Episode Series starts.

This week's episode has players returning to Defera to uncover the secrets of the Preserver ruins where you will pick up your first clue as to the location of the Preserver Archive.

Links to more information about Weekly Episodes
We hope you are enjoying this new content direction and we're always eager to get your feedback. We plan to keep making these feature episode on a regular schedule if you love them, and if you don't like them or have feedback, let us know and we'll course correct.


Archived Post 09-17-2010 02:39 PM

Can't wait for this new episode. I think it would be cool to add cliffhangers at the end of the episodes like they do in the tv shows and when you finish the episode you can flash a to be continued text on the screen to give you that star trek feel.

Archived Post 09-17-2010 02:57 PM

Totally thrilled and I have to say, replaying through all these episodes with more than one character, it's still fun to see how each of my Captains handles the combat slightly differently. It'd be even more awesome when Weekly Episodes will start to differentiate based on the different career-paths our Captains chose. :D

Archived Post 09-17-2010 04:46 PM

Breen are a HOMERUN!
I really have to say that I look forward to spending a bit of my Saurday with the new episode in the Breeen saga. Cryptic has hit a homerrun with this idea..this is one reason I love playing this game.

Archived Post 09-17-2010 05:03 PM

Looking forward to playing this weekend. You've got this player hooked. :D

Archived Post 09-17-2010 05:35 PM

Awesome, I have until my birthday to claim the special reward. :D

Anyway, can't wait to play this tomorrow!

Archived Post 09-17-2010 05:55 PM

Got my cloak set
Plain to log an hour before hand. We get to see the meat of the story now. Classic Star Trek story arc were one part leads to another. Here is hoping that part 5 is a mini raid of some kind. If it is a mini raid have plains to be doing part 5 for a week helping my fleet people run it. Plus leveled a Kingon just for the special item

Archived Post 09-17-2010 06:00 PM

How many episodes are there and will the 'limited edition' reward be available for purchase from the C-Store?


Archived Post 09-17-2010 06:12 PM


Originally Posted by Blakinik
How many episodes are there and will the 'limited edition' reward be available for purchase from the C-Store?


There's 5 in this series (this one and one more); technically 6 (for Feds), because dstahl said the Starbase 39-Alpha Diplomacy mission is one of the Deferi episodes.

As for the C-Store question, I think he posted that they may add the 'special' prize to it in the future, but I'm not sure about that.

Archived Post 09-17-2010 06:22 PM

As a fan of Star Trek for over 40 years, I have to say , doing these missions like episodes and with them coming out every week is unique and refreshing experience. I don't think ANY MMO has anything like it.

Thank you guys for all your very very hard work for our enjoyment. May you continue doing this in years to come! :)

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