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Archived Post 09-19-2010 01:42 PM

Federation Bridge Pack: Emissary -- Viewscreen
I'm a player returning after a couple of months break from the game.

After recently having reached RA: Lower, I picked up a Star Cruiser for my Eng/Cruiser character. Of all the bridges I tried, the Emissary set (particularly the Nomad) felt just right...except for one detail that jumped out at me.

The view-screen, while a decent size, doesn't feel scaled right in relation to the rest of this immense bridge. Everything else feels right for the type of bridge I'm looking for, but the view-screen feels too small for as far away as it is from the captain's chair.

If it's possible without requiring a ton of re-design work on the bridge pack, I'd like to suggest either making it bigger or bringing it a bit closer to the conn area so that it doesn't feel like I'm looking at a something the size of a 60-inch TV in a room the size of a movie theater. :cool:

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