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Archived Post 09-24-2010 08:54 PM

Please close the C-Store
My name is Threather, I haven't posted on the forums in a long time. Every time I check up on the progress of the game, I am very disappointed. Usually, there are discussions on adding certain things, new episodes; finishing the game and bringing it to the state it should have been in at release. These discussions are okay; but I am wondering when we will be talking about making the game an actual MMORPG. There is so much instanced content, it doesn't even feel like a persistent world. Let me correct myself, this game is not a persistent world.

But the thing that makes me angry the most is the C-Store. At first, I was not opposed to the C-Store. This was because the C-Store didn't seem to have many things in it, and it wasn't that big of a deal. But then they started added significant, new content to the C-Store. Content that should have been in the game pre-release, content that should not cost extra money.

I say this as a guy who dumped $500 into the game in the form of two box purchases and two lifetime subscriptions. The people who are subscribed to this game have already paid $50 for a box, and $15 for every month they remained subscribed. The amount of content that is hitting the C-Store is sickening when you look at the money players have already poured into the game. There is a lot of new content in this game since I stopped playing; but a lot of the stuff I am interested in getting is only available in the C-Store. I purchased a lifetime subscription so I wouldn't be nickeled and dime'd. Subscription players pay a subscription for this game so they can get new content and stable servers without having to buy into a micro-transaction store.

After I played Star Trek Online, I was very agitated. I felt let down, very disappointed and just plain angry. My wife stopped playing even before I did; and she is relatively easy to entertain. I quit the game because I realized that it wasn't even a Real MMORPG. Star Trek Online is in the same format as Guild Wars 2. Instanced play areas with semi-persistent common areas. The only difference is that STOs common areas are smaller than GW2's. Wait, I'm sorry; that isn't the only difference. The real difference is the fact that Guild Wars 2 won't have a subscription.

So, when you take a look at Star Trek Online, its pay options, and then its competition, we see that there is a serious problem. I logged in to check up on the game today for the first time in about a month or two.

The first thing I saw was an advertisement for tribbles on the C-Store. How insulting. How can anyone subscribed to this game stand for this kind of abuse? It just doesn't make any sense.

Archived Post 09-24-2010 08:58 PM

There's content in the C-store? Where are they hiding it? All I see are ships and costumes.

Archived Post 09-24-2010 09:04 PM

Jeez dude. If you arn't entertained by the game, the cstore doesnt make any difference.

Archived Post 09-24-2010 09:04 PM

What you consider as "real MMORPGs" are an absolute pain. Having a mission to kill a boss that spawns once an hour or drops cool rewards are the worst thing that MMOs have ever done. Cryptic is the company that brought about City of Heroes and 95% of its content is in instances. What you consider as problems are what I consider as benefits. The C-store allows me to obtain certain content that would either never be created without it or would take months to arrive. It also allows people to obtain certain preorder items that would not be available for people that didn't know about STO when the game went live. Many Star Trek fans want to wear the uniforms that they are used to and play the ships they are used to. When STO offers actual content on the C-store, then I will agree with you on the evils of the C-store. Ships, tribbles, and costumes are not actual content. Missions and features are.

Archived Post 09-24-2010 09:05 PM

soooooo what your saying is your ****ed you spent all that money on the game (lifetime sub etc etc) and now they are asking you to spend more money..........hmmmmm its not like they are a business or anything and they need to keep the money flowing i dont blame them .........let me put it another way .....hell will freeze over first before the c store disappears hell its more likely the game would become free to play with a c store first............................................T issue?

Archived Post 09-24-2010 09:06 PM

My first question to you is do you play any other MMO's? Star Trek Online is definately an MMO. And the C-Store is an industry standard anymore it seems. Remember, Everquest has had their form of it for a while now. Maybe not every MMO, but close to all of them have their own C-Store.

As for how the game should have been at release. This is not a new argument. What do you expect when a company is given 2 years to produce an MMO? It's not going to be the level Wow is right now. No game can be. I think given the amount of time Cryptic had to release the game they did pretty damn good with it. I have seen some games have a lot more issues at release than STO did.

Call me a fanboy or what you want. I feel STO is headed in the right direction. As for you not being happy with it I am sorry. Not everyone can be pleased all the time. Maybe you should have waited to spend "$500" until after you played the game. If you spent it after trying it then you have no reason to complain. But then agaiin spending that much on a game before trying it isn't the wisest thing to do.

Archived Post 09-24-2010 09:06 PM

There is nothing in the C-store needed to play the game.

Archived Post 09-24-2010 09:07 PM

C-store offers items that are not neccessary to play the game. It is entirely possible to play the game from 1st to max level without touching the C-Store items. Had there been anything within the C-store that is required, mission packs, access to a tier of ships (not specific ships, but the actual tier) etc,, you may have had a point. But, it doesn't. Also, DStahl has stated that it is his goal to ensure that you can get most non-cosmetic items (like the Exelcsior, the ONLY useful item in the C-store (beyond the tribbles which could be earned by playing on the test server during the test server weekends) that has to be purchased from the C-store) available through other means.

Therefore, No. That is all.

Archived Post 09-25-2010 06:24 AM

Agree with OP
I'm quite bewildered at the negetive response you have received from most replies here so here is my 2 cents. I agree completely with the OP that it is discusting the way content is being churned out in the c-store when many people like myself have paid lifetime subs in order to avoid the nickel and dime as you call it. Yes, I know the items in the c-store are not required to play the game but I worry that this is the thin end of the wedge. There are already items which can add a significant advantage, like the automated defenct turret, which are only available by spending more money. The main thing I have a problem being a paid item in the c-store though is respecking your character. In a game that allows you to have many ships which require differing tactics and weapons in order to use it seems totally unacceptable to me that we are expect to pay everytime we want to try out a different combination of phaser beam vs plasmas or escorts vs cruisers for instance. It's also outragous that the other method available to do this (using Starfleet Merits) has been increases by something like 800% (according to another poster). There is no service being provided here, it doesn't cost Cryptic or Atari any time or money for me to change my skill points from being all geared towards using a cruiser to instead being placed in an escorts skill tree so why should I have to pay again for doing this? It's absolutely shamefull and something I point blank refuse to do. I would agree that the game is improving and some of what has been said in the past has been taken on board so I would please ask that this blatant money grab be removed.

Archived Post 09-25-2010 06:44 AM


Originally Posted by StargazerJ (Post 3053481)
I would please ask that this blatant money grab be removed.

Respectfully, it would a "money grab" only if they were requiring you to pay to access necessary in-game components. ("Grab" implies "unwillingly taken") In this case, since nobody's required to buy ANYthing from the C-store, it's far from a "grab".

While I disagree with the OP's opinion, I respect that it iS his opinion... I'm sorry that he doesn't like the game, but I respect that he concurs that the game has improved.

That being said, just because he doesn't like the optional store, I don't see why he should petition that it should be removed from those of us who ARE willing to pay <$5 for optional uniforms, optional tribbles, optional bridges, etc.

Again, the key word is "optional." Nobody is required to buy ANYthing from the C-store, particularly when the actual weekly mission content, updates and season updates are all free.

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