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Be Able To Swap,Trade Or Exchange Someone Elses Bridge Officer For Yours .
1. We would Love To "Picki"From Starfleet Academy Or A Starbase A Ships Senior Staff And Crewmen By Our Captain Before Their Maiden Voyage 2.We Would All Love To See The Ability To Exchange And Trade Bridge Officers Between Created Player Owned Characters Up To Commander Rank. 3. Be Able To Swap,Trade Or Exchange For Someone Elses Created Bridge Officer Or Them Yours.4.Be Able To Buy Created Already "Pre-Made" By Players For Sale on The Exchange Up To The Grade Of Commande Bridge Officers.5. Give Created Officers A History Of Serving On The Starship They Were Created On And Under Command Of Which Captain. 6.Want To Be Able To Offer Other Players Tech Or Credits Or Bridge Officers In Trade For Their Bridge Officers. 7.We Want To Be Able To Lose Bridge Officers In Alien Negotiations Or Hostage Crisises And Have To Rescue Them In Order To Get Them Back. 8.Want To Be Able To Send Out Bridge Officers In A Shuttle Or Runabout To Do The "Scanning Runs" In Space Missions. 9.Want To Have A Bridge Officer Power That Undocks 3-4 Shuttlecraft That Act like A "Fighters Wing" And Attack An Unsuspecting Enemy.10.PVP TRAINING ON THE SHIPS HOLODECK! 11. Want To Be Able To LAND A SHUTTLECRAFT ON A PLANET AND THEN PROCEED TO DO MISSIONS LIKE CRASHES,SURVEYS,FIRST CONTACTS,TRADE,RESOURCE HARVESTING,ETC.

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getting sick in the head from trying to read your text.

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