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Archived Post 10-04-2010 02:07 AM

Feedback for trial players

1) tons of bugs
2) they double charge you, sub + item shop
3) repetitive mission (same thing over and over again)
4) STF group focus ( hard to get a grp, take hrs to do one f**king stage, not for the casual player)
5) end game = same old mission made harder (Vice Admiral version of like Btran? wtf?)

i bought and play the game for a few wks, made vice admiral. repetitve but acceptable for me.

tried my 1st STF today, decided to call it quits.
what a waste of time, too tough for average player with average gears.

i play game to have fun, not to be frustrated by it.

>>> dont buy the game, there are many better games out there. <<<

Archived Post 10-04-2010 03:47 AM

cool story bro

here's what I tell people who are interested:

if you're a Trekkie, it's worth it in the long haul
if you're not, you'd better fall in love with the game mechanics otherwise you're wasting your time

Archived Post 10-04-2010 05:06 AM

i bought the game from trial was in one of the betas didnt like it then but do now. My only gripes are the same lol no multiplayer ships is a huge bleep up equal to star wars having no lightsabers. Maybe they put in eventually not sure? Pvp needs open world que's are ridiculous u hardly get to pvp ever. I would prefer to beam down to a world where its a ongoing pvp battle for dominance 24/7. Instance hell i quit ddo due to instances and it does irratate me on here loading so much but it is understandable in most cases but still would like it better if you went from 1 world leveling to the next i.e lvl 1-10 is on one planet then u go to another planet 20-30 etc open the worlds up more instead of confined little instances very iratating. Bsides that i cant complain much i would like to see the enterprise from the new movie in game not sure why it isnt already who knows.

Archived Post 10-04-2010 05:38 AM

Long Haul
With for he long haul but said truth is they are fixing the game at a super slow rate. I have got to the point I only need to log on once a month and I can do 90% of the new content in one day. The new stuff is great but it is just coming out to slow. Sorry STO 75% of you new content is bug fixes and stuff that should been there on day one. Playing catch up is not adding new content. Fixing a broke car is not improving the value it is a repair. Said to say it not the programmers fault but management. The game was pushed to soon and they did not hired enough programmers. The normal MMO R&D is two years plus twice the staff STO used. STO got fraction of the time and fraction of the staff they needed.

Archived Post 10-04-2010 07:56 AM

Fun game with the same problems any MMO has months after release.

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