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Archived Post 10-08-2010 09:37 PM

Game Sound Effects System
Maybe I failed at understanding something with the game set up but If it is possible could you guys change the system to allow a person to hear sound effects when zoomed out? It is so annoying to have to be zoomed in to an "over the shoulder" view to be able to hear weapons fire and blasts.

Archived Post 10-09-2010 02:32 AM

talking bout sound fx, thought i'd mention is here aswell.. lets have an option to toggle interface sounds; i.e disable the ability not ready sound and the sheild facing UI sound, whilst keeping the sounds for reciving pm's and dialogs as i personally use a macro to auto fire the balance sheild facings and fire all phasers as a on /off toggle and i want to keep the sounds as is but get rid of them 2, esp when I somteimes button spam (without knowing it) abilites and that sound bugs the hell out me.

Archived Post 10-09-2010 07:36 AM

No doubt. An option to turn off different subsystems would be in order methinks.

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