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Archived Post 10-09-2010 08:37 PM

Directed energy modulation, is it balanced?
as the title said, what do everyone think.

using the combat log parser on a few pvp matches, the sum of the 2 copy of DEM equate to about 10% of the net damage (not raw damage, net damage take into account the resist).

finally some build info...

1. flying the excelsior with BO3, DEM1 and DEM2 (2 copy of DEM equate to 75% uptime per min with 15s downtime per min)
2. maxed DEM skills.

Archived Post 10-09-2010 08:45 PM

btw... just in case ppl didnt know...

DEM was changed a few patch ago, it no longer reduce the DPS of your weapon, the extra shield penetration damage is now a simple bonus.

DEM can crit, the largest crit i've seen is about 200 damage, otherwise the normal damage for DEM2 is about 40.

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