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Archived Post 10-11-2010 09:44 PM

Galaactic Defense Force now forming
Attention al lKlingoncommanders of Captain rank and above this is an encoded priority one communication. Special invitation is being extended to join the Galactic Defense Force. This top secret organization is for the top of Klingoncommand only.

This Force is dedicated to preserving the Alpha quadrant from the Borg, Undine, and Breen threats. The Empire is facing a crisis and we must take action. There is an old earth adage that the enemy of my enemy is my friiend. In the spirit of this Captains, Generalss, and Admirals from both the Federation and Klingon Empires are requested to meet at Drozana Station for the establisshment of this taks Force.

Our goal is clear band together; despiete our respective goverments differences. Togehter we can drive the Borg, Undine, and Breen back to whatever whole they crawled out of.

Brave Captains join us and our Starfleet friends to help save the Galaxy.

------- out of character----

Real purpose is to establish a fleet is sole purpose is to demonstate our desire for cross-faction teaming on the STF's and other end-game content. It has been asked for but does not seem to be a priority. Rather than just post on the forums I figured a fleet that has members on both sides of the neutral zone would be a much better statement. In reality of course it will have to be two different fleets but with the same name, same goals, and same leadership it will come as close as possible.

i will post this in the Klingon forums as well.

If interested post here, send me a Pm or find me in game at @commodore_stipe

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