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Archived Post 10-14-2010 05:56 AM

Tricorder scan suggestion
I like the tricorder. It's always been a huge part of Trek for me.

What I don't like are the huge blue beams of 'something this way' that is the current functionality. The big red spinning blob of 'I got nuthin' is even less pleasing.

I would like to suggest, instead, that clicking on the scan button pops up a window with an overhead view of the map. On the map window is a snapshot of where things are... perhaps pink symbols for anomalies, red symbols for enemy lifesigns, blue symbols for friendly lifesigns, white symbols for interactable objects, etc etc.

As an alternative, instead of just pointing towards the closest scanned object, perhaps a list of objects that are detected can pop down, and then when I click on an item in the list it points at that item with the blue beams of scanning?

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