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Archived Post 10-16-2010 05:33 PM

Storming the "branch" dividian compound!!!

that was fun!!!

i large fleet engagement where i get to blast feds AND cardies?!!?

then playing through a ghost/zombie horror flick right after?!!!

it was "pew-pew" meets X-files all the way!

skirmish was fun, i can't wait for more!!!
now i have to do the mission with my crappy lvl51 fed.
i'm sure the fed version of the mission will somehow be less fun! oh well....

i think Dan Stahl and the STO team got things right with the weekly serials!

and a lot of the new content and what is coming down the pipe is very exciting! (especially the foundary)

my morale has been lifted 400%

your friend,
the angry klingon


p.p.s. my new pivoting BoP wings brings EVERLASTING death to the enemies of the empire!!!

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