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Archived Post 10-16-2010 10:59 PM

fed ship idea
was thinkin in addition to the starter light cruiser could add a light science ship ala the oberth class and a light tatical aka venture class to the line up and make them all buyable case u got rid of the light cruiser and want it back

Archived Post 10-17-2010 07:56 AM

Or Ambassador class starship :)

Archived Post 10-17-2010 08:31 AM

well the ambass be too high for starting lvl maybe a good commander class ship being right under thel rank you get galaxy

Archived Post 10-19-2010 07:22 PM

I thought that was what the danube class was for, but yeah. Other then the TOS Connie there's no real way to get your light cruiser back.

Archived Post 10-21-2010 02:55 AM

I agree that the Oberth class should be added. I think the Nova class was its replacement, so having it as a tier two vessel could work.

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