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Archived Post 10-18-2010 02:20 AM

How about Weapons/Equipment-holsters on Costumes?
Well I'd love to see that.

If you go on an away Mission right now, the Captain and his crew appear just in his Starfleet-sleeping dress, if we pull the weapon or use the Tricorder it appears out of nowhere.

On the Series, when the Crew went on away Missions they usually had holstered Weapons and the Trocorders on their belts.
I wouldnt even like to see the current weapons holstered, I#d like to see that as a part of the costume; even if you use a Rifle you'd see a Sidearm (just for the look). May be with an option to deactivate them in Social areas.

The Kits do not look the way I want that, because a. they neigther show weapons nor a Tricorder b. BOs can't use them.

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