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The Romulan Empire Fleet
Jolan'tru, Children of D'era.

Does your blood burn for the glory of the Star Empire?

Do you gaze across the Endless Sky, and dream of the Talons of Alth'Indor encompassing the throats of your foes?

Do you lament the loss of the Twin Worlds, and prognosticate the rise of the Star Empire's renewed place of dominance?

If the answer is yes, then the Romulan Empire Fleet wants YOU. Aligned with the Klingon Defence Force, the Romulan Empire Fleet heralds back to the days of the Grand Alliance, aiding the Klingons in their war against the insipid United Federation of Planets.

Help rebuild our divine place in the Cosmos, and rend our enemies' flesh from their charred bones.

It is the Romulan Way.

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