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Ask Cryptic: November 1, 2010
Curious about what Champions Online going free to play means for Star Trek Online's future? Dieing to know what the future holds for PvP? Maybe, you're wondering if we're adding another faction soon? Star Trek Online's Executive Producer, Dan Stahl, answers all in this month's Ask Cryptic!

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Archived Post 11-01-2010 06:03 PM

Wow! That was fast! Amazing news in there :)

Archived Post 11-01-2010 06:14 PM

Nice, something interesting to read before going to bed!

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Q: chevenix: Could we get "endless" sectors with the exploration revamp? I mean, is it technically possible to create really huge sectors or you guys have a better idea on creating the feeling that space is endless?

A: We certainly could do this - but would it be fun? The first step we have on "revamping" exploration is to come up with a concept for what exploration gameplay should be like in STO. Once we create an area in the game that truly feels like you are exploring - then we can start to replicate that success and continue to add more locations that you have traveling into the unknown.
Recently I replayed the "Rapier" mission inside the Bajoran Wormhole. A similar type of irregular layout might work for a revamped exploration sector, with a different layout for Delta Volanis, Rotor Nebula, T'Ong Nebula, et alia.

Since the style has to fit in with the revamped Sector Space, perhaps ship scanners should be more important. Once arriving in the unexplored area a periodic sensor sweep will bring the icons out on the map. Instead of "Delta Volanis Anomaly", there would be several types with several icons: Unexplored Planetary System, Enemy Detected, Physical/Energy/Tech Anomaly. Players with higher Diplomacy levels might see First Contact-type missions.

I also imagine Delta Volanis perhaps connecting to Beta Ursae or Rolor. But the path isn't always there. I don't know if it's possible to do that with the tech you have.

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"A: We have no official PVP updates planned for Season 3 as we are primarily focused on the Foundry. We are however working on some Open PVP map tech and I wouldn't be surprised to see us release an Open PVP zone in the near future. We are also working on ways to incorporate new PVP maps into future content updates."
Yay, open PVP zone might be getting some love, now I am glad I resubbed.
(I was just coming in to see the new KDF ships, my Nausicaan captain is waiting it like xmas.)
This is something that would actually keep me interested (re-subbed...) longer, arena pvp... it is a bit meh, sure a nice way to level up to level cap but it gets boring after a while and I ditch the subscription again.

Now gimme a Nausicaan vessel with some dps punch, keep news of pvp improvements and improvements coming up... leaderboards, what have ya.

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I agree with bfelczer; that was an awesomely quick posting of the Ask Cryptic! Thanks for that! :) (Also, w00t! One of my question was answered, yea!)

I'm really looking forward to Season 4, especially since it will involve crew/officer updates (along with, hopefully, ship interior updates). New ships and a new level cap of 61 sound very exciting as well.

I'm glad that some of the story lines are going to be revisited. I'm currently thinking/writing about the Hirogen and Romulan parts of the game to hopefully do a couple of episodes with the Foundry. I'm a huge VOY fan, and I'm looking forward to creating a couple episodes about how the Hirogen agreed to help Selas, along with the Empress' consequences of partnering with the Hunters. :)

I'm especially happy that there are plans for more feature episodes. They are probably my current favorite part of the game, and I'm really glad that you plan on making more after Season 3. (Thanks for answering my question, dstahl!)

Breeding and controlling Targs? Yes, please!

I'd love to see a TOS bridge (along with an ENT one as well!), and I'm looking forward to updates for other bridges. *cough* Intrepid variants *cough*

I'm looking forward to what the reworked DSEs and Sector Space will be like.

I can't wait to be able to fly a D'deridex with my Romulan character!

I'm hoping the Expanded Crew update will include options for us to name other senior staff than our First Officer (CMO, Chief Engineer, Helm/Conn, Chief Tactical, etc).

Please, please, please make the Sitting in Chairs tech hit our ship interiors as quickly as possible after the social areas. Please?

Lots of good info in this Ask Cryptic (mainly for things for Season 4 or beyond, but some interesting things for between now and then). Thanks for the answers, dstahl!

Now, *ahem* when can we get the Foundry into Open Beta on Tribble? :D

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I am excited. Now I have to go finish some school work online before I try to go to bed. I can't concentrate at all

Archived Post 11-01-2010 06:50 PM

Alot of great info there, also my Question was answered :D

Archived Post 11-01-2010 07:14 PM

Good info. A lot of my questions got answered.

Archived Post 11-01-2010 07:22 PM

So I keep seeing questions answered and talks about Season 3, but I'm wondering which Season we are in now and how soon season 3 will be out? But all in all the questions that were asked were alot of ones I would of asked. Great questions guys.

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