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Archived Post 11-02-2010 10:09 PM

Rebalance "Stop the Signal"
Just tried stop the signal on elite difficulty, and it was very tough, but doable, right till the end. The dreadnaught wound up killing all the klingons, even with me keeping the frigates off them the first time through and concentrating solely on attacking the dreadnaught the second time through. tactical officer, with heavy cannons and quantum torps. The dreadnaught simply will not die before all the klingons die, no matter what I try to do. The shilds/hull on the Klingon allies needs to be increased I think, as we got it down to 25% or so both times before all the allies died. Or at least make the Klingons respawn like the frigates do, or something. The difficulty was about right till the end.

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