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Archived Post 11-15-2010 01:45 PM

AGT Uniforms and the C-Store
Come on, devs. Is every single new uniform option you give us going to be put in the C-Store? With all of these packs you've got coming out, you would think at least one of them would be free. No?

So, why not the AGT set? IMO (and many others as far as I've read), the AGT uniform should have been the default uniform available along with the Cryptic designed models when the game first released, instead of the TNG Film uniform. I mean, think about it. That is the time frame we're in right now, isn't it?

So, how about you throw us a freaking bone here and release this pack without charging us an arm and a leg for it, eh? I mean, seriously, I know you're in this to make money, but there's a point when it just becomes too much.

Please, just consider it.


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