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Archived Post 11-16-2010 03:40 PM

Looking for RP-focused fleet
Hello there!

I'm a new, casual player of Star Trek Online who has only recently decided to check out how things are over here, after a long break since the initial disappointment at launch. So far it seems a lot of things have been improved and I'm having fun playing STO, so it looks like I'm here to stay for a while.

However, I'm looking to make the experience even more fun! Now I feel the best part of STO is that, well... it's Star Trek! So I'd very much like to experience it -as- Star Trek, meaning I'd like to feel like I'm an actual captain, not just some guy commanding a spaceship in a third person view!

To get to the point: I'm looking for a fleet that mainly focuses on roleplaying. Any sort of PvE stuff, fleet actions and that is very much welcome, but I'm mainly looking for decent roleplay and well, just a friendly bunch of people I can chat with.

If there's anyone out there that could recommend... themselves, I'd be most thankful!

Archived Post 11-19-2010 04:50 PM

I've not received any replies so far... is there really no one out there?

Archived Post 11-19-2010 05:50 PM

Well ADF is not a Hardcore RP Fleet we do have some off and on but we are about having fun and good times with friends on our team speak and in game. Give ADF a look over if you dont like it then no harm done if you do send me a message or log onto our team speak server information is on our website

Hope to hear for you soon.

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