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Archived Post 11-17-2010 11:58 AM

Looking for a new fleet
Well I'm looking for a new fleet for various reasons.
What i'm looking for:
A Fleet that uses ventro.
I don't wont leadership that thinks i should drop everything to do what they wont when beckoned. I like to team up and have a great deal of luck with friendly people that work together to achieve a common goal.

I am on at different times day and night do to life stuff (work and my children)

I would like to do STF's and PVP daily. (This fleet did do that but fizzled out some time ago and has become next to impossible to reinstate. Another reason i am leaving a fleet i help lead.Mostly myself)

I don't really care about the fleet bank other than depositing anything i need i have or can buy

Please no kids. I have a 5 and 6 year old and love them more than life itself but grown up interaction is nice.

Now if there is a good family friendly fleet with low to no drama please let me no

I am a fed tac VA-1 akila111@akila817 please send me a tell Thank you.

Archived Post 11-22-2010 03:37 PM

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Archived Post 11-25-2010 07:18 AM

We are looking for people as yourself that want to be active in a friendly helpful fleet. We are now doing STF regular on the weekends (with PvP and weekly episodes now being added).

Feel free to give us a "test run" if you like or PM for a direct invite. Also, take a moment to glance at our website for more information and there are links for just about everything in my sig below.

A quick list of what we have to offer:
  • TeamSpeak and Ventrilo voice servers
  • Active members
  • Active fleet forum
  • Full fleet bank
  • Weekly activities
  • Weekly podcast
  • Supportive officers
  • PvP and PvE training/help/teaming
  • Friendly people
  • Good laughs
  • . . . and cookies!


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