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501st Legion
501st Legion

Federation and Klingon Fleet

Welcome possible new recruit. If you have found yourself among the stars alone and in search of a group of people to enjoy the game with, look no further. The 501st Legion is a dedicated gaming group who play multiple games, Startrek Online being one of them. We are a mature, fun, chilled group to be with. We enjoy joking around and having a great time. We do STF's and also Episodes togeather when they are released.

The 501st has two division. A Federation division and also a Klingon Division.

We are very active and also have our own ventrilo server.

If you have any questions feel free to post them here or our forums. We look forward in seeing you part of our team.


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Good Luck with your FLEET. :D

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Originally Posted by Afov
Good Luck with your FLEET. :D

ty :), same goes to yours as well :)

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late night fleet bumpage ;) :D

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afternoon bump

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bumpages of the bumps

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bump bump bumpity bump :eek: :D

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Bump to try out my new sig... :p

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You should leave the B word out of your post's cryptic has closed other forms for that word
Good Luck

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WoW I checked and your right they do say Bumping threads is an infraction... So I guess we will just half to be creative :D

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