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Archived Post 11-23-2010 07:48 PM

KDFA is Reborn
Through a recent restructuring, the KDFA (Klingon Defense Force Alliance) has lost some of our allies...although this was initially considered a loss to us we also look upon this as a valuable opportunity both for us as a unified faction and also an opportunity to welcome other warrior Houses and their valued input into the game play of the the Klingon faction as it stands currently and also where we (the players) would like to see the game head.

If you are interested in helping to better our community or just want a place to post ideas you might have, please visit our website at KDFA. Hope to see you all in game.

Archived Post 11-26-2010 09:10 AM

"On this site, a powerful Alliance will be built. An Alliance that will someday help us to stand tall beside Federation content. Imagine it: dozens of story arcs at our fingertips, and we'll be able to explore those strange new goals, play new races, and new customisations.

This Alliance will let us conquer boldly... where no Warrior of Q'onos has conquered before."
Zef'ram Q'oqhrane
Legendary Klingon Pioneer

(* may have been adapted from elsewhere. :D)

Archived Post 12-08-2010 05:48 PM

The KDFA is a great place to be if you are a Klingon Fleet looking for more people to interact with to do PVP dailies, STFs, or just enjoy the company of some fellow Klingon players!

Archived Post 12-25-2010 04:01 AM

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