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Archived Post 11-27-2010 03:02 PM

Content Ideas
Well this is the spot i chose to submit my ideas if its the wrong channel. Ooops
I may say something that has been said before but hey its my two cents :)

*12 key action bar
RISA. ok how can you go to the beack without a swimsuit or even being able to swim?

1. Starship Interior.
a.I had a thought as to if you recieve damage from mission(battles). Why not use the sick bay to treat the captain and bridge officers instead of going all the way back to a star base. yes you have the compnets to fix injuries but isnt that what a sick bay is for.
b. same with the engineering section of the ship. can be a heal/fix over time thing.
c. I know one thing the interiors especially the ship interior are just way to darn big. height wise. same as the bridges take a day to cross the cerominal bridge to get to the turbo shaft. ok not really but the height and some display are just to big.
d. Crew uniforms. I have seen a post or two on that but uniformity would help if all personell where wearing the same outfits maybe thats too much but after all starfleet is suposed to have a uniformed fleet ie everyone wearing the same thing. with minor variations.

2. Mission Variety
*Starfleet is suposed to be a peacekeeping and exploration orginazation. Peacekeeping dos include war and combat :)
a. PVE Fleet assigments like the dipomatic corps. S.C.E. (Starleet Coprs of Engineer) missions
Rapid Responce Teams = responding to hotspot situations military,engineering or medical situations.
Border Patrol well that was a peace tiime. but I take it the defend sector block could count for that one.
Customs/inspections like sector block (inspecting civilian cargo ships for what ever) not trying to down the feregi but we know the do some deeds.
b. aid the planet could invole medical/engineering or military assistance. beam down to assist
c. Cold Case was pretty darn good at doin scientific research to help the injured crew.

Well thats my 1st brain storm more to follow.
"make it so"

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