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Archived Post 11-28-2010 08:49 AM

The Alpha Centauri Insititute is Recruiting Again!
After a brief freeze, one of STO's preeminent RP fleets is recruiting again!

The Alpha Centauri Institute is a Starfleet organization dedicated to advanced scientific and engineering research, diplomacy, and, as needed, security.

Known as the ACI, the Institute was originally constituted as a private research organization. Over time, the membership roster swelled and the Institute's role expanded. It now is a leader among Starfleet organization in promoting friendship among the various races through shared technology use and research. In recent years, the mission statement of the ACI has expanded to included a large Diplomatic Corps as well as an extensive, and tested, group of tactical officers known as the Guard.

In its state today, the ACI is a Starfleet sanctioned Institute with members of hundreds of races across various cultural and political backgrounds. All of these beings are brought together by a common goal: the advancement of technology and the extension of peaceful cooperation throughout the quadrant.

Fleet Information:

The Alpha Centauri Institute is a Star Trek Online fleet of players who wish to bring a fun, yet structured and authentic, Star Trek role playing experience to its members and allies. Our fleet is friendly, mature, and respectful; we are a no-drama organization. The ACI is a selective organization looking for the best RP members of the STO community; players with a true sense of their characters' place in the Star Trek universe. Our members are active and dedicated. We cross multiple time-zones and you may find 4-5 online at any given time.

Our core philosophy is pure role-play within the Star Trek Online game. We have regular storyline and plot episodes that we run that range from small group actions to major plots that involve most of the fleet. These episodes are member scripted and we welcome story ideas submitted to our Provost office. With the upcoming release of the Foundry, the ACI's role-playing commitment will grow and expand and so will the opportunities to explore your character's individual story.

We encourage, and conduct, Forum role-play as well; many of our more involved storylines include Forum elements to add spice and color to the in-game role-play experience. Additionally, many of our players engage in Forum role-play on their own with personal plots and stories that add to character development and Fleet coordination. Lastly, we also encourage on-the-fly role-play whenever players meet in game; several large story arcs have begun by players meeting on the fly Starbase 39 (our base of operations), Earth Space Dock, and Deep Space Nine.

We also maintain a Wiki site devoted to our Fleet. The site is a collaborative effort and allows each member to expand their characters' profiles and histories. It also allows the fleet to record the various NPCs and events that occur during our episodes, adding to the immersive quality of the fleet's RP experience.

Contact Information:

If you would like to know more about the Alpha Centauri Institute, you can find a great deal more about us, our fleet, and our mission at our website:

For a look at what our rules are that govern our role-play and conduct, be sure to read our Regulations page. For recruitment information, and what we require for potential applicants, be sure to read our Recruiting page. Lastly, to get an idea of how we role-play and our style and level of play, be sure to read our Forums - particularly our Ten Forward board, where all our Forum role-play is conducted.

In-game you can find members of the ACI on a regular basis at Starbase 39.

Additionally, if you have any questions at all, you can contact the ACI Director of Recuitment, Fleet Captain Telev at Telev@WereWolf359 or the Assistant Recruiting Officer Silveda at Silveda@Quarie by in game chat or mail. We will get back to you as soon as possible with answers to your questions.

Archived Post 11-30-2010 07:58 AM

The ACI recruitment period is still open and active. Be sure to approach us in-game if you see us online and ask about our fleet or characters!

We are also in the middle of a couple of ongoing RP events so if you're looking for RP action look for the ACI.

Archived Post 12-03-2010 07:10 AM

***Begin Standard Priority Message***
TO: Office of Fleet Administration and Personnel
FROM: Telev, Captain, USS Rainier; Fleet Captain, Alpha Centauri Institute
RE: Personnel Requests

Per the needlessly complex regulations regarding Fleet communications, and in respectful protest of the amount of subspace frequencies seemingly under permanent occupation by larger organizations, I am transmitting this personnel update on behalf of the ACI.

Our recruiting drive continues and several new members have been recently accepted. The number of outstanding officers who are currently without fleet assignment should be cause for concern. But as this situation has allowed the ACI to locate and make contact with these officers, I will not draw further attention to your incomprehensible and inefficient administration.

Instead I provide notice of several unfilled positions for officers within the Institute. Recent reorganization has left open positions within the Guard and Diplomatic Corps, as well as Fleet Librarian and staff positions within Astrophysics, Engineering, and Counseling. No doubt we will fill these positions before you are able to take bureaucratic action, but I feel bound to mention it regardless.

Further reports as events warrant.

~~Telev (signed)
***Transmission Ends***

((That buzz you've heard the last week isn't an out of phase EPS transfer, it's the excitement around SB 39 as the ACI recruitment period continues. Our group is growing and we don't want any dedicated RPr to miss out. Whether you are a Saurian counselor, the lone member of an Alien race within Starfleet, a brilliant Vulcan Engineer, a Human, Trill, or -fingers crossed- another Tellarite to keep Telev company, the ACI is looking for you! Stop by our site or approach us in-game to see what we are about.))

Archived Post 12-10-2010 10:09 PM

Season 3 is live and the ACI is receiving new applications all the time. If you've just returned to STO for the new season, don't go through the changes and fun alone.

Visit our website today to learn if the ACI is right for you!

Archived Post 12-14-2010 12:10 PM

***Begin Standard Priority Message***
TO: Office of Fleet Administration and Personnel
FROM: Telev, Captain, USS Rainier; Fleet Captain, Alpha Centauri Institute
RE: Personnel Requests

Though I am aware of the mountainous mass of paperwork that consumes you, I respectfully submit this update for your perusal. I take note of the transmissions on seemingly endless loop from other organizations and vow to avoid that annoyance with respect to the ACI. But please don't think that is for your benefit, as I cannot imagine why you would spend so much time repeatedly looking at the same messages over and over again when you should be taking note of more original thinking.

This said, it is my duty to inform you that the ACI has recently accepted the transfer of several new members but our capacity is not yet filled. We continue to seek out strong personnel from all departments and encourage their application.

Should any such officers come to your attention, you will no doubt forget to mention our Institute. It is in light of this that I am transmitting on these frquencies.

~~Telev (signed)
***Transmission Ends***

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