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Archived Post 11-28-2010 09:36 PM

Release more info on the Foundry
Ok here is what i propose. If by some chance you will not release it Monday because you do not have the bugs worked out yet or this coming week.

Give us at least something to work with by releasing more hard details on the foundtry what it can and cannot do to start with, what you can edit, what you cant edit, how are maps tied into missions and missions locations and such

can you edit open areas like DS9 with your own placibles and NPCS? how many premade planet and interior maps will be in the beta test?

Even better provide a video walk through of the Foundry so that at least we can understand its features and how to do things while we wait.

remove the NDA for those who are testing it out or allow certian sites to publish more detailed info about the Foundry.

Because lets face it most of us wont really know what kind of missions we will make untill we know what we can or can not do limitation wise.

If you cant release it this week for some reason at least please give us some more information about it

maybe a special reveal on the STOKED podcast (wink wink) or something.

the more info you give us about it the more feedback we can provide and the more we can start thinking about what cool missions to make!

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