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Archived Post 11-29-2010 07:57 PM

Is the Foundry here or not
I have been searching popular threads but havent found anything.
Yes or No and a description preferably.

Archived Post 11-29-2010 08:00 PM

Simply put, no. Not publically anyway.

Archived Post 11-29-2010 08:13 PM

Well if anyone knows, I would like to know the approximate day when it comes out.IF ANYONE knows

Archived Post 11-29-2010 10:51 PM

I wouldnt hold your breath the open beta likely wont start til weds at the earliest as they do things when they want to put out not when the people expect it.

Archived Post 11-29-2010 10:56 PM

i hate to say this but it might be a while till it comes out. I am not happy with the way the devs are tugging us around over its release. Last week they said they would try to get it out that week monday maybe, then they said they had bugs and so it would be most likely this monday, then they say today they still have bugs but they will try to work on patching /fixing things tonight ...

i mean its just frustrating don't get our hopes up by saying "hey guys the beta might and most likely will go on the test server this week...." then keep going back and forth. I would rather you just say "it will not come out this week" then saying it might only to say it will not.

At the very least i really also think do to the amount of problems they have had and our frusration they should release more nuts and bolts infomation about the foundry while we wait. maybe authorize a blog like STOKED to do an exclusive hands on with the Foundry with a video or something or some tutorials before it goes into beta...

something at least because most of us still have a lot of questions about it and to be honest very few questions and infomation has really been given on it in fact as best we only have 3 screenshots of it (4 but two of them are of the same thing..the npc costume editor..)

so far though from the limited pictures we do have it does look like it could become pretty cool... the system editor looks nice.

Lets just hope it has a 3D mode so we can get an overview of how our placed objects look and what. :-p

also lets hope in testing our missions we get the type of tools that the city of heroes mission editor had like go invisible, invincibility and one hit kills and go to next objective make testing (our own maps) better.

(expecally if there will be no 3D view in the foundry editor at will then need to have some sort of option in game to go invisible or not be attacked to be able to get a good sence of your placement for things :-))

Sighs. Please give us more information....

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