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Vernula Knights Fleet - Now Recruiting!
7/7/11: I am no longer part of Vernula Knights. The fleet is pretty much dead at this point. I will later remove this post, hopefully.

Update Log=- 12/1/10: All content has been added and posted to the Star Trek Online Forums.


Have you ever wanted to be a knight? How about a space knight? A space knight that likes to blow things up? Then you've just found your fleet.

Our fleet, the Vernula Knights, is a family-friendly fleet for all ages and ranks. While we've suffered something of an inactivity streak among members, we're still determined to keep the fleet up and running. And with your help, we're just one step closer to that.


Previously the Starfleet Marine Corps, our name was recently changed to Vernula Knights by our leader, Reven Rayus@Rayus. As a name is only a name, not much else has changed; in the spirit of our past, we still like to blow things up.. medieval style.

Website and TeamSpeak=-

Website: Coming soon.
Website and forums are subject to change at any time and are still under construction.

For fleet actions and other purposes, we use TeamSpeak as our primary form of voice communication. You'll be able to access this information after joining the fleet, clicking "Information" and reading the fleet's description.


--1. Our fleet is for players of all ranks and ages. We always enjoy helping other players, so don't be shy to ask if you need help.
--2. Since we allow all ages, please keep strong language at bay.
--3. We also do Weekly Fleet Actions for all players to participate in. These are usually held on a Sunday at 7PM Central. We may also do PVP matches on Sundays in place of Fleet Actions. In addition, when Weekly Episodes roll around, we do those on Saturdays around 1PM Central.
--4. Our leader, Reven Rayus, occasionally sends religious fleet messages. You may choose to read them or ignore them.
--5. We are always open to suggestions and new ideas. We like to listen to our fellow fleet members, so feel free to approach us about anything.

(these are the standard rules/information we send to new recruits.)


If you would be interested in joining, feel free to contact @Sonaos or @BlueCaptain in-game via PM with the name of the character you wish to join with. If you'd like to join with multiple characters, we'll be more than happy to invite them all; just list the names in your PM.

Klingon Defense Force Chat Channel=-

Although our fleet is on the Federation side, we realize you may also play on the KDF side. While there is no Vernula Knights Fleet for the Klingon Faction, there is still a way to keep in contact with the fleet members! If you wish to converse with the fleet members while on the KDF side, please ask @Sonaos to invite you to the Vernula chat channel. It's my hope that we will use this for our primary chat channel to break the barrier between factions(at least, where communications are concerned).

News and Current Events=-

Our leader, @Rayus, has been gone for some time. In light of this, @BlueCaptain is primarily in charge of the fleet. @Sonaos is currently the second-in-command.

As the Weekly Episodes have ended, the Devidian Weekly Episodes activity has been removed from the Fleet Events Page.

Added PVP as a possible replacement for Fleet Actions when necessary.


At the moment, we have no affiliates. If you would like to become one, please contact @Sonaos. We will list your fleet name below with a link to your forum post.

(from highest to lowest; individual members may be added in the future)

Grand Marshall of the Knights
Marshall of the Knights
Knight Captain
Knight Lieutenant
Knight Vernula
Knight Confrere

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Updates: Thinking about adding a UGC Spotlight in the future. This will come as the Foundry gets closer to releasing on Holodeck Server.

I am also considering a total site revamp. Since I have no admin access to the previous one, might as well make a new one.

And shameless bump. :p

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Update: Created a forum for the fleet.

I am still adding sections to it and organizing it, so it's far from finished. I will make a website when I can.

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