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Archived Post 12-03-2010 02:42 AM

Sam Iso ...
Single Alien Male is seeking out Friendly Klingon Guild.

I play a lot.
I voice chat.
I'm not shy in PvP but better in PvE.
I help and like to accomplish group goals and personal ones at the same time.
I have an alien Major General Tac officer currently in a carrier, it's not min max but it's what I want to play at the moment.

Drama a minimum.
Friendly and fun members
Dope smoking and alcohol aren't the main topic of interest in voice chat.
People looking to help and looking for help.
There's more than 10 of you active and someone plays every day.



Archived Post 12-03-2010 05:37 AM

Hi mcl

At the {UFP} we support both Klingon and Federation factions, gives you the most amount of freedom this way. Our Starfleet Operations CO (our STO division CO) is mainly a Klingon player so we do take the Klingon side seriously. The more Klingon players we have the more events we will create specifically for them.

Our group is very active, I myself am levelling my Klingon character at the moment since the Klingon side has improved drastically since launch.
I believe {UFP} could be a good fit for you, and vice versa.

If you'd like more information check us out at (Klingon theme demo) or contact me via a PM here. You're also welcome to hop on our TS3 server at port 9987 (no password).


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