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Archived Post 12-05-2010 10:56 PM

Story Tools - Blumind
If you are having trouble getting your storyline for your mission straight, here is a little tool to help. Its called Blumind. Its a brainstorming tool that helps you diagram your thoughts. Its very small and works great. It has a lot of other applications, but might help get all of your dialog down so you can quickly copy and paste it. (before the server boots your off and you lose everything.):eek:


Oh and its completely free.


Archived Post 12-06-2010 05:13 AM

Wonderful find. Good lttle tool for quick braindumps!

Archived Post 12-06-2010 07:46 AM

Scratch Paper + Pen
Windows Notepad + Keyboard

are my preferred ways. :D

Archived Post 12-06-2010 05:51 PM

Notepad is my backup. I figure this will really come in handy when we can do diplomatic missions that have the possibility of failing. :rolleyes:


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