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Archived Post 12-06-2010 11:49 AM

Foundry now crashes to desktop
Ive been heavily useing the Foundry since release and experienced alot of bugs and its clear theres still a awful lot of work to do, but we can wait for goodness :)

Now when ever i click a text input area on my story list the foundrys immedietely crashes to my desktop.

Anyone had or know how to get it working again?

BIG bug if this is going to stop me useing it.

Archived Post 12-08-2010 10:46 AM

Found two crashes from your account:
Error ID 11765761 (Thanks for sending the full crash data on this one!)
Error ID 11890442 (This should be fixed in a future build)

The one that hasn't already been fixed is now in our internal database, so thanks for reporting it!

Archived Post 12-08-2010 11:44 AM

I gorgot to say , but what i did was to close it all down for a few hours , then came back and it continued to work :) , no crashes since then , but was very strange to say the least.

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