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Archived Post 12-14-2010 04:24 AM

Wander Not Working For Ground NPC's
I made a ground map and set a group of NPC's to wander, but they do not move regardless of settings.

I have read that you need to publish the map for this to work. However, I don't want to publish a mission before it's done, just to see if one aspect of it is working.

Also, is there a way I can set way points or something to determine where I want my NPC's to wander? As part of my mission a Federation supply depot is to be attacked and supplies destroyed. Outside I want to have one squad acting like a roving patrol. Near the buildings I would like to have some stationary guards with others that patrol the building perimeter.

Thanks much for any information you can give me

Archived Post 12-14-2010 05:14 AM

Dont worry about publishing, do that at anytime you like,
Remember this is tribble, theres all sorts of test missions been made.
It looks like all tribble mademissions will not carry over to holodeck anyways (hope they do!)

As for wander, it is really buggy, sometimes mine do there idles i set and sometimes they wander.

At the moment its hit or miss and not really working 100%.

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