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Archived Post 12-14-2010 11:44 PM

Questions about Farming Bound Particles
Ok Hi there everyone, especially STO staff and developers;

First thing I have to say is so far Season 3 is awesome! . . . . . . . . but chasing after these special random drop bound particles is frustrating.

I have made it to Vice Admiral, I am also a co-leader of a fleet, I have unlocked everything in the new crafting station, so that I can provide our fleet members with cool stuff. . . But even though it may have been a great idea for the developers to find a use for the level 1 particles (you have to use lvl. 1 particles to make schematics and you need schematics to make items) I really honestly think it needs to be reworked. . .

But I spent 4 to 5 hours last night farming in the Delta Volanis Cluster farming level 1 particles so I can make those schematics, and hope I can find those bound particles, all to find only 7 Dog Gone bound particles. . . And not enough of each to craft 1 single purple item. . . 4-5 hours is all my playtime for a night. . . Less most of the time.

I now think that the random drop bound particles (that we players can't give to any of our fleet members who are crafters or send any to our alternate characters who are crafters must be STO's way of controlling how much we can craft. WHY?

Why do I have to waste 4-5 hours of my time to do crafting that is suppose to be fun, and that is just to get the level 1 particles and try to get the special bound particles. . . Hey Developer peoples, NOT FUN!

If crafting is available to both races or sides now, why do we have a need to control how much we can make? I don't get it? So even though I couldn't create anything very special (Purple) I had a great idea. . .

Here is my great idea; I would take the quest to explore Delta Volanis Cluster so I would be earning level 1 explorer points while I farmed for level 1 particles. . . Then I would trade in those level 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 explorer points in for green items that you can get at the Federation Ship Yard to put in the Fleet Bank for our lower members to use. . . . . But guess what I found out?

And perhaps didn't notice before? After turning in hundreds of explorer points of different levels, I took the items to put them in the fleet bank only to find that they were all bound to ME!!!!! NOOOOOOOO! What in the world is STO thinking? Are they afraid (sarcasm) we will turn in our explorer points and get those ALL POWERFUL GREEN items and make our Fleet members too powerful? Why can't we decide who should get those items. You let us earn the level 1 explorer points at Vice Admiral by letting us do the missions, what in the world am I suppose to do with bound level 2 items I am a Vice Admiral???? Now that I wasted all those explorer points?

It doesn't make sense to me to let us do missions, and get items, that we would not ever use, and then make them bind to us on pick up. . . WHY? It just seems dumb to me. . .

At this rate I will have enough bound particles to make all purple items for my ship in about a week, but I have 4 ships. . . So that is 4 weeks of farming not doing anything else fun, but farming particles. . . Oh and then there are my Fleet members who want me to outfit their ships with really good items, so there is about 12 people in our Fleet and I am the only crafter so far, and how many months of farming will outfiting their ships add up to? . . .

I thought you were introducing a profession system and that is crafting ship weapons and parts, but at this rate . . . I will never get my Fleet Mates set up to fight Borg. . . And YES we know there are other ways to get good weapons, but if your introducing a profession, then why cripple it? Why make it so incredibly hard, that it is more of a responsibility than a fun game to play? If your not making a profession system, then what the heck is crafting for? . . . Please enlighten us. . . Please!

Thanks for all of your patience and time to read my frustrating tale and the questions. . .
Sincerely Tigermorph

Archived Post 12-15-2010 02:21 AM

The rare particle traces - or rare trace particles (I never can remember which way it works) - are no longer bound.

Archived Post 12-15-2010 06:37 AM

Just a quick note... Farming is supposed to take time and if others want you to make them stuff then get them ti farm also.

Archived Post 12-15-2010 06:58 AM


Just a quick note... Farming is supposed to take time and if others want you to make them stuff then get them ti farm also.
Exactly. Plus you're not really just stupposed to farm all at one time. The real goal is to farm as your leveling. Every mission you enter has 2-8 anomolies in it. Get them as you're going along doing the mission. Then it doesn't seem like farming at all. It simply seems like part of the mission. If all your Fleetmates do that the crafter will have tons of anamolies to make things with.

Archived Post 12-15-2010 08:19 AM

If they want items, let them provide components. It is enough that the crafter spent the time to build up the skill, and can make Captain/Admiral level items for fleet mates, you shouldn't be expected to provide all the raw materials too. As others have pointed out, the rare traces are no longer bound, including ones collected prior to season 3. When the rare particles were put in game, it was said that they wanted to incorporate them into crafting, so people should have been saving them.

I just wish the distribution of rare particles was higher, or at least more even among all the particles. Between all my characters that I had collecting, all of them had high amounts of the same traces, and low amounts of the same ones. Granted 3 characters is a small sample set, but it is an interesting trend that prices on the Exchange seem to mirror.

Archived Post 12-15-2010 06:45 PM

so you complaining that something that is supposed to take time takes time? -head explodes-

Archived Post 12-15-2010 09:55 PM


Originally Posted by matteo716 (Post 3227588)
so you complaining that something that is supposed to take time takes time? -head explodes-

I believe he's complaining that something that's supposed to take time takes SO MUCH time. I'd have to agree with him on that point. I crafted a few purples the other day then ran out of a particular type of rare particle trace (I needed 3 each for the next section of crafting) so I went to Delta Volanis and farmed for a couple hours, got a couple rare particle traces, but none of the kind that I need. Did it again yesterday in B'Tran for several hours and got a nice handful of rare particle traces but NONE of the particular kind I needed. I mean, I'm all for the "You're getting something powerful for free so it'll take time" mentality but really? Probably 6 hours or so of scanning anomalies and doing the same missions over and over just to collect anomalies and I never got 1 of the type I was looking for.

Side note: This is an alternative to grinding emblems to get purple mk XI gear, I wonder what the time difference looks like between doing dailys and earning enough emblems vs farming. I only ever did the exploration dailys (which can get a bit dull and monotonous) because I'm not much for pvp and some of the fleet actions are bleh at best (I cite big dig and exhibit A).

Archived Post 12-16-2010 02:16 AM

You get to craft Emblem stuff which used to take DAYS to get all the emblems for, and your complaining about a few hours farming? :D You can also buy the parts on the exchange if you need them though

Archived Post 12-16-2010 07:01 AM

^^^ Not only can you craft emblem gear now, but all the consoles that are in the emblem store do not even require rare traces to build.

Save your rares for endgame gear that you don't plan on replacing, you should not be skilling up crafting by burning them. Use the ones that are easily replaceable to make green or blue items for skilling up.

Archived Post 12-16-2010 10:07 AM


Originally Posted by ehkodiak (Post 3228047)
You get to craft Emblem stuff which used to take DAYS to get all the emblems for, and your complaining about a few hours farming? :D You can also buy the parts on the exchange if you need them though

DAYS by requirement since you can only do each mission once DAILY. Realistically, the amount of time spent on them, I imagine, is much shorter (since there isn't 24 hours of daily content available as far as I know). Even then, rewards are guaranteed for completing the mission. ~6 hours seems like less, but that's six hours over the course of several days doing NOTHING BUT FARMING. And I still didn't get ONE of the kind that was necessary.

And given the exchange prices, I'm pretty sure that even with a few million EC I couldn't purchase enough anomalies, let alone the rare particle traces to make a more than one or two items (and then I'd be flat broke). Incidentally I tried to help with exchange prices by putting up low cost bundles, but they were all purchased immediately (presumably by people selling an Alien Artifact for ~7k).

Note that, having never been one for the missions have that have daily versions available, the only dailys I ever have done are the exploration ones. I was simply pointing out that if an alternative is going to be offered for those who want to play differently, then several days of playing should at least get you CLOSER to getting what you want.

My point isn't that it takes a lot of time, per se. Its that you can dedicate significant amounts of gameplay and yet still be no closer than when you started. That much seems a bit, well, broken (especially when items require more than one of the same kind of particle trace).

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