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System Enterprises (RP/PvE)
We are newly formed casual RP/PvE fleet. We welcome all ranks, all levels of experience. Never RP'd but want to try? C'mon aboard! Brand new to MMO's? Welcome! Whether you're a seasoned veteran or a brand new player, you'll have a place here. If you need help leveling, or polishing your skills, we'll give you what you need.

We don't have a lot of rules and regulations like some fleets. What we have is pretty basic. Be respectful to everyone, help out your fleetmates, and have fun.

For more info, visit

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bump bump bump

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help give you a bump :)

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Originally Posted by Captain-Lang (Post 3231851)
help give you a bump :)

Thanks for the bump! We can use the help!

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friendly bump good luck

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I visited your site, maybe I'm wrong but it looked a bit thin on information. Hit me up in game so we can talk about your Fleet.

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