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Archived Post 12-16-2010 07:19 PM

This Klingon Tricorder Piece of Junk!
I dunno if anyone else is having this problem...
But, man, this tricorder my Klingon has... what a heap of crap!

I beam down to a planet, scan for anomalies., because I'm KRAFTING! I find a material node, harvest it. scan for the next one, and this darned klingon built hockey puck points me right back to the node I just harvested! >_<

Now, I'm not asking for an easy button and I know Klingon electronic equipment isn't necessarily top of the line. But, I'd like to at least have a device that can help point me in the right direction. Is that too much to ask for the High Command? :p

Anyway... this may be a bug with the UI, or it may be the fact that the node (there were 6 anomalies on the planet- seems a bit much as I'm used to only having between 2-4) is hidden in the landscape- an annoyingly common occurance for someone who desperate for crafting mats because he's grinding both a Klink and Fed crafter! 0.0

Just puttin that out there because misery loves company.
*smacks his tricorder with the palm of his hand... tosses it aside and shots it.*

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