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Archived Post 12-18-2010 09:40 PM

A Feddie Who Wants to Unlock the 1000 Fed Ship Kills Accolade
Hi. Just so that I could earn the 'Scourge of Starfleet' accolade, I whacked a thousand fed npc's by playing the mission 'War Games' over and over again.

Other than getting thoroughly sick of that mission and giving my Fleet quite a few suits of rare captain grade armour, I got my cool title and a sweet wall trophy. I am happy, and I get a kick out of my feddie being considered a 'Scourge' of his own organization. *LOL*

Now... how can I do the same with Federation starships? PvP won't cut it, it doesn't work (I tried). I want to unlock the accolade for Federation starship kills with my feddie, but have no idea what mission/gameplay area I need to go to do so. Is it even possible? Let me know so I can show my friends online just the kind of ******* I am. :D

Archived Post 12-19-2010 05:07 PM

Hmmm...does the self destruct move hit friendly NPCs? If so, Skirmish might be possible.

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