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Archived Post 12-19-2010 11:26 PM

Foundry Mission Ideas
Well, the Foundry Glitched up for me on tribble (the slider bar where you set the size of the different windows and such glitched and moved out of screen and i can't get it back), so i'll have to wait until the Foundry goes Public. Anyway, this mission goes as follows, and will be part of a siereis of Foundry Missions involved in one major plot that i will make when tribble goes Public. Here it is...

Two ancient races, the Ba'Pi and the Zorx are finally at peace after generations, perhaps thousands of years of war. They are old arch enemies, and have warred for many generations. The Ba'Pi are a Aquatic-like Race of Pacifists, owning Several Star Systems and prefer peace and negotiation. The Zorx, However, are a Reptile-like race, and are very Warlike. Their society revolves around Brutal Clan Wars, and Personal Honor for the gain of the Clan. Over 200 Different Clans constantly fight for Domination. However, the clans united against the Ba'Pi, their arch enemy, and began the Great War that lasted for, as said, thousands of years. The reason is unclear, however rumors exist that it was for Money, or Clan Honor. They are Unclear. After awhile, the Federation finally established peace between the Two Enemies. However, a rouge Romulan radical group, known as the Order of Blood, will do anything, and stop at nothing to defeat the federation. After hearing of the war, this gave them new plans for the Federation's Defeat. So they came in contact with Zorx Clans and planted many spies in the Ba'Pi Government. The Federation, after awhile, began to wonder if somthing was amiss, after uncovering Evidence of several Assasinations and Unauthorized transmissions between the Zorx and the Order of Blood. The federation sent some ships to collect data, and continued it's efforts to send supplies to the Ba'Pi. the Order of Blood convinced several clans that the Federation was Spying on them and intended to Destroy them, with "Evidence" that was misinformed to both Governments. This led the Zorx Clans to attack the Ba'Pi, and another great war began. Then, the Order of Blood led a clan to start raiding Federation Transports. This forced the federation to take sides. The Federation tried to reastablish peace, but it was no good. Now, with the Federation Involved, this is on the verge of a Fully-Fledged Interstellar War, and the Federation's war effort Loostens as now they fight on Two Fronts. SUpply lines are on the brink of Collapse.But perhaps there is hope...

I'll post the Mission Ideas later, this was just some backround info. Feel free to comment.

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