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Archived Post 12-20-2010 07:33 AM

Mission order
I am curious about fleet action missiona and the pvp missions. I do not enjoy these, so with my new engineer I haven't done any of them, even the first starbase one you get around level 4 I think.

It appears with regular missions completing one leads to another being unlocked, are there any missions I won't get if I don't participate in the fleet actions? Will I miss out on any content other than future fleet actions and pvp missions? I just seem to have every few missiosn left in my log and I'm Lt. Cmdr 5 with my Enginner - I wanted to make sure I wasn't missing some by not doing those.

Archived Post 12-20-2010 07:35 AM

Nope Fleet actions do not unlock new content.

The way levelling works in STO on the Fed side is as thus:

1/3 of a rank through story missions
1/3 of a rank through nebulas
1/3 of a rank through DSE's

That is how it was designed. However the introduction of the weekly series and low level dailies as messed this up a bit.

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