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Archived Post 12-20-2010 04:29 PM

Best way to target in PvP?
I setup STO to use my Xbox 360 controller and it's been nearly flawless and has made the game tons more fun. The only thing I use a mouse for is departing system and a couple small things here and there. Anyway I bumped into a problem that I couldn't exactly find a good solution for. When I PvP, I had been using "Target next enemy" and I occasionally have problems when there are lots of mines on my screen as there sometimes are. What is the best in game command to target a ship so I can bind that to my controller button instead of Target next enemy?

Archived Post 12-20-2010 04:32 PM

If I have trouble targeting because of clutter, I select an ally in my team and then I press buttons to start firing weapons which auto-locks that allies target. Never used a controller tho so I don't know about that.

Edit: Probably should have added there are key binds to target teammates and the default setting on my game has an unbound "Target Nearest Friend" control, maybe that could be used to target a nearby ally and coordinate your attack with that ally as I described above. Hope this helps.

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