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Archived Post 12-20-2010 09:26 PM

Scheduled Maintenance (December 20, 2010)
Greetings Captains!

We will be bringing down Star Trek Online on Tuesday, December 21st from 3 AM to 5 AM PDT (10 AM to 12 PM UTC) in order to perform maintenance and apply a new patch. We will update this thread once the maintenance has been completed.

Thank you,
The Star Trek Online Team

Archived Post 12-20-2010 09:36 PM

Cool. Looking forward to the camera angle change, Grappler description, "server not responding" fix, and the loot sets. :)

Cake or death?

Archived Post 12-20-2010 09:53 PM

cool. can't wait to get me sets on holodeck finnaly lol.

Archived Post 12-20-2010 09:53 PM

2 days in a row. wow. this one has release notes. the crafting sets are coming to halo and they fixing some major bugs from season 3 launch. very good.

Archived Post 12-20-2010 10:34 PM

no one fixed lil jimmys locker on Star Base 24 it still only hands out a mark I item and does not scale!!!!

Archived Post 12-21-2010 03:22 AM


Originally Posted by Selaphiel
3 AM to 5 AM PDT (10 AM to 12 PM UTC)

Take some tips from StormShade, he knows how to tell the time.

This is wrong. The west coast uses PST starting november, you're nearly 2 months slow.
You're also screwing up UTC times for the rest of the world.

What he really means, is 3AM-5AM PST (and 11AM-1PM UTC)

Archived Post 12-21-2010 04:39 AM

I hope it will be the Foundry

Archived Post 12-21-2010 04:40 AM


Originally Posted by Hawks (Post 3236920)
I hope it will be the Foundry

*crushes hope*
No. There are patchnotes here and there about todays patch.
Todays main attraction is the Borg and Aegis sets.

Archived Post 12-21-2010 04:49 AM

*faints* Finally!!! About time too!!! Wahoo!!! :D

Archived Post 12-21-2010 05:10 AM

i just hope there will be no additional downtime when the TMP Pack arrives to the C-Store in a few days ?

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