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Archived Post 12-27-2010 10:27 AM

Things I'd like to see in the Fleet Screens
Just a few quick suggestion for some things that would be immensely helpful to those of us that are heavily involved in our Fleets.

1) Please add the ability to find how many in the fleet are Sci/Tac/Engineers. This would be great to be able to see without having to count them all up from the fleet roster.

2) Please add the abiltiy to see how many in the fleet are VA/RA/Cap etc. Again, this is doable now, but having this information instantly availalbe would be great!

3) Please remove the promotions of BOffs from the events window. There's too much information in that window now. If we just saw the actual Fleet Members who increased in rank, it would be FAR more useful information!

4) The ability to create/edit a fleet Organization Chart that shows command structure and who reports to whom would be AWESOME!

5) If there was a way to find out who in the fleet has increased in rank over a given time period, that would be PHENOMINAL! Many fleets have weekly fleet meetings, and the ability to recognize and congratulate officers who have been promoted by Starfleet in the past week would be great.

6) The ability to create "Departments" within the fleet would be great. Department heads could be given control over their own sections of the fleet information windows. These departments could also be given their own offices/floors if and when fleets are able to own and control their own bases.

I tried to order those from the simplest to most complicated changes. I don't know if I got that right, obviously the Devs would know though. Hope some of this helps!

Thanks for all you do, STO is a great game!

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