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Archived Post 12-29-2010 06:14 AM

How do I level?
When I First Made My Toon On The Foundry is says you can easyly lvl and rank plus get stuff

Archived Post 12-29-2010 06:26 AM

As far as I know we cannot currently auto-level and equip our test toons... I just take my noob ensign through... he gets by no problem... 4 redshirt security as BO's with zero abilities... I make it through just fine usually without god-mode... u can easily eliminate nasty groups with tab target and kill enemy button... pick up some drops and equip yourself...

My VA toon seems to have a tougher time than my ensign... You should be able to do your mission with any level toon... any setup ect.

Archived Post 12-29-2010 06:29 AM

if you click play instead of create content, you can play a foundry toon like you would any other and level them. There is not at present a way to auto level them at all. I haven't had the problem since one of the last patches, but there was a time when your toon would glitch out and you would have to delete/recreate in order to work on your missions again. I don't think though this is still the case, but its worth mentioning. Also remember that missions scale with players too, before you factor difficulty settings into the mix.

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Originally Posted by Sorydrew (Post 3250814)
When I First Made My Toon On The Foundry is says you can easyly lvl and rank plus get stuff

yeah, it said that, but easily ranking currently means levelling through the tutorial and playing the capmaign like a new toon.

the equipment and level select isnt active yet, so just do what the rest of us do: publish the mission and test with a tribble toon or test is using the low level foundry toon you get

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