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Archived Post 12-30-2010 07:31 AM

Question about combat scenarios
Is it possible to design a "No Win" combat scenario for story continuity that is both fun and fluid to its conclusion?

Archived Post 12-30-2010 08:35 AM

It sure is... when you defeat the last bad guys you really want to fight... spawn friendly npc groups dressed as enemies and have you interact with them to surrender and be captured and interrogated or tortured or what have you... should work in space and ground...

Archived Post 12-30-2010 10:18 AM

tHANKS, Part of my mission idea may call for a confrintation that the player can't win to introduce the "villian".

On second glance at your reply, its seems that the UGC will also allow for Swedish "bondage" dens to be designed as well.:eek:

Archived Post 12-30-2010 10:50 AM

It's forced, but some may actually like it...
I've put a scenario in my story-mission where fighting, although possible, is highly discouraged. The idea is that your away-team was diverted mid-beaming and the goal of the scenario is to simply escape and make your way to the next beam-out location. If the player wishes to actually fight, that's possible, if they merely want to advance the mission by completing the objective that's also possible but fighting and killing all enemies on the map isn't going to be a victory.

Creating an actual no-win scenario, I think that's not possible in essence because the author cannot prevent the player from actually fighting the enemies on a map, and there is a limit as to when, and how many, enemies can be spawned. Any attempt to create a no-win scenario is in essence forced on the player, so some players may like it, while others may not.

Archived Post 12-30-2010 03:08 PM

I have multiple aliens chained to the wall in my Memory Alpha & Beta mission... looks great... they struggle against the bonds holding them against the wall. I also have the villain as a contact that explains his evil plan...

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