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Klingon viable as a main?
So, STO was 7 bucks on Steam, so I figured what the hell, I'll give it a try despite the bad reviews. Log in for the first time, "Wow, this is really fun, how did it get such a bad rep. Oh great Lt 6, klingons?! I love klingons, lemme give this a try. Oh, no wonder it has such a bad rep."

Is my dismay misplaced here? From the reading I've done on this forum as well as others, its very obvious there is a lack of klingon pve content, ok great. Is that going to be fixed? I usually play the 'bad guys' or protagonists in MMOs that I play, and I've always been a big fan of klingons in the star trek universe so it was a natural path for me, but upon making the character and getting to lt 9, I've suddenly run out of missions to do, unless I just want to grind out Pi Canis a bunch of times, which I don't mind if there was some sort of carrot. Do people actually play Klingon's as their 'main character'?

My very limited view point thus far is that I hardly ever see another KDF player, and when I do, they aren't very high ranked? Is this mainly an 'alt' faction? If I were to go about attempting to play this faction as my main playstyle, is that even viable, or am I suddenly going to run out of stuff to do aside from pvp once I hit a certain level?

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Plenty of people have a Klingon main. I'm one of them.

<-- Lazira Irun, Joined Trill KDF Lt. General right there.

You have Pi Canis like you mentioned, as well as Nebula exploration missions, which are a good source of gear via the badges you earn by doing them.

There are story missions every few levels from Chancellor J'mpok.

At General levels, you get the Special Task Forces and some of the Borg and Undine content in Gamma Orionis.

At all levels, you can do the Daferi arc of 5 missions in the Orellius sector block, and the Dividian arc of 5 missions in Eta Eridani. Doing those grants extra dailies that are decent XP and grant emblems for gear at max level.

It's not as content rich as Feds, but it's remarkably better than it used to be. We should be getting another weekly series soon here, which will of course, add more.

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I have to sound a bit mor negativ on this. Even if there are the Pi Canis Missions and the Nebulas it's a hard grinding up to BG and above. I leveled my BG through months of and I have to say when I reached BG I stopped playing him because of the lack of content.

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Klingons are very viable as a main!

Personally, I treat both my Starfleet and KDF characters with equal respect, just my KDF character is newer and far less people would recognize her.

The thing about Klingons is that since they are so combat based, most of their XP and such will come from Player vs Player fights. Klingons have many unique ships (and missions) that are more or less very ideal and revolve around Player vs Player environments and I'm sure you'd find it lots of fun to actually destroy other Captains, or fleets, that are your enemy!

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As of Season 3 I would say yes. The trick is not to burn through all your episodic content at once. Do one episode, then do some dailys, some exploration, collect some resources, and PvP if you like it. After you do all that, then do another episode. Hopefully by spreading your episodes out you'll be able to keep yourself having something pretty fun to do up until the next featured series and the time the Foundry goes live. After that happens, well, it will be a completely different ball game :D

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What is a "main"? Eventually, don't you want all characters to get to end-game? So it doesn't really matter what you play.

Once you have levelled 2 Fed charaters to Rear Admiral or Vice Admiral, you won't really find the existing missions satisfying on the 3rd time. My 3rd Fed I played almost like a Klingon character (maybe with more PvE and less PvP).

And ocne you have reached "endgame" as Vice Admiral or Major General, there isn't really any difference. The weekly episodes are faction-agnostic. The Exploration missions exist for both sides. The new Dailies exist mostly for both sides (actually, now Klingons have the advantage with the new Sorties in Pi Canis.)

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My main is a Klingon. The only time I play my FED toons is if my PvE friends are on playing theirs.

I am even a causal player (10-15 hours a week max). I started on the FED side and got to RA on one character, found the play a little boring and then switched to Klingon to PvP. Which is not boring at all.

It is a little different than playing a FED though. While there is more content after season three, It has been primarily a PvP faction.

But if you do PvP you will get skill points, badges and Energy Credits (PvP matches are the only missions that I've seen that give out EC). And you will get those rewards win or lose.

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kdf is more of a grind, once you could lvl quickly via pvp, but the xp from that was reduced. Much is still just dull kill 5 patrols but tbh i find the same on fed side, pages of text i never read then kill 5 patrols, so in the end it makes little differnce. Endgame pvp is where it is at, once you start fighting good players in a match and seeing skills you never considered being used to great effect or names of players on the other side that you know are going to be dangerous it is a lot of fun.

A word to the wise, whatever ship he is flying or what ever side he is on .......kill hale, if he is on your side and you get scramble sensors on you don't waste the opportunity to kill hale

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I only have low level Klingon chars (I play Fed as main), but if you wait a month or two for the Foundry to get released on the live servers (Holodeck). You can test the Foundry on the public test server called Tribble, to get access to Tribble you need to login at the main page and go to Support->Public test and sign up. You can then copy a character from the Holodeck over to Tribble if you want.

The Foundry is a tool that is still in beta, but it allows everyone to create their own missions that everyone can play. It will help adding allot of content for both the Klingons and the Federation.

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Originally Posted by Krizonar
Personally, I treat both my Starfleet and KDF characters with equal respect

Same here. I even found myself drifting more towards the KDF again thanks to my new character and the recently released missions.

Yeah, it kinda still is a grind, but still you can have lots of fun with all the daily missions we now have access to. Of course, it also helps if you enjoy doing a couple PvP matches from time to time.

Try to find and group with fellow Klingons, as this will make the daily missions even more fun than they already are. There's nothing better than some proper KDF teamplay and the sense of "hunting in a pack". :D

Also, be sure to join the "KDFassistance" chat channel in addition to other sub-communities that you may be interested in.

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