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Fun with the Breen
Just wanted to post up that I am a huge fan of the Breen being used, and how they are implemented in the game. I find them both funny, and interesting to deal with. With the somewhat humorous dialogue, and interesting sound effects, gestures they make, I kinda feel bad killing them. I swear that when I am running my daily episode, I can hear them yelling (in their breen voice) at me, or at each other.

If anything, I wished more NPCs were vocal (but not too much) during battle.

If we ever get to add species to our BOF crew, I want a Breen Tactical officer!

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Originally Posted by Vaith (Post 3265316)
If we ever get to add species to our BOF crew, I want a Breen Tactical officer!

Check the exchange, you should still be able to find some Breen tactical BOffs.

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Thanks for the note, I haven't ever looked for officers on the marketplace, but perhaps I should start. I didn't know the Breen were on there.


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When the Breen missions (or maybe dailies) were first added, a Breen tactical officer was a reward for doing them. Some of those that people got then are still for sale.

No new ones entering the universe though.

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Breen Tactical Officer, I approve
Well, the Devs have said there will be a way to reacquire the Breen tac down the line.

They haven't decided if it'll be a C-Store unlock or a replay weekend.

Although I obtained the Krel brothers (that's what I named them!) on both my characters, one fact is pretty clear:

How do my future characters obtain this guy?

To explain, they will be:

Hirogen Tac, Romulan Faction.
Cardassian Sci, Cardassian Faction.
Jem'Hadar Tac (uncertain if he's going to be created, my creation criteria has to be that he flies Dominion Jem'Hadar ships).

None of these factions existed at the time the Breen Tac could be claimed, so why should they miss out on a chance to obtain him as well?

Personally, if the Breen tac becomes available again through whatever method, I'd take him.

I would prefer the C-Store unlock though, so he's available straight off the bat along with my Liberated Borg Engy and Photonic Sci.

If I missed out on him because my character was not either present (due to non-existence!) during the replay weekend or not high enough to do the mission chain, I'd be very disappointed.

The C-Store unlock would solve that problem.

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