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Farming data for crafting newbies
So now the Aegis set is here the crafting system becomes more attractive. I haven't done much yet because I haven't got the skills. I have a great fleet with people wlling to craft for you. The Aegis set is ofcourse highest demand. I've sold EVERYTHING I own on all my characters to buy via the exhange, some of the things I need. But I soon found out that people like to play their own style of ferengi now the aegis set is here. Well what are we going to do, yes we are going to farm for data samples. It's so much fun I can hardly wait... There are lots of people who aren't into crafting yet, who do not bother to scan anomalies and who have absolutely no clue about the variety of particles, data and samples, me being one of them.
Oh well, it's time to do some anomaly scanning. Let's bring up the stuff we need to craft the Aegis set:

Aegis Graviton Deflector Array: 60 exobiological + 1 dekyon + 1 metreon + 1 trianium
Aegis Hyper-Impulse Engines: 60 tachyon wave + 1 anyon + 1 chronometric + 1 methogenic
Aegis Covariant Shield Array: 60 photonic theory + 1 antithoron + 1 beta-tachyon + 1 duderon

Ok after that lousy introduction comes the question. Are there specific places to find certain particales, data or samples? Or can I just beam out ESD and go to delta volanis and have the same chance of finding these things as in higher level clusters? What do you recommend? I read on a board that it is a good idea to use your runabout when farming for data, why? not sure, maybe that gets answered here aswell. I also wondered if you go to the Khazan cluster in Alpha Centauri, do you have a higher rate of finding rare particles? A higher rate of 'Gather data' missions?

There's a lot of crafting out there, a lot of particles to find and a lot of people who need a little help to get familliar in the world of data and crafting. Thanks in advance

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Follow the link below for a post by Dan about where to find anomalies. They are based on the overall level of the area you are in.

hope this helps.

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Originally Posted by Commodore_Stipe
Follow the link below for a post by Dan about where to find anomalies. They are based on the overall level of the area you are in.

hope this helps.

The annoying part is that there's no way for a new player to get to the B'Tran cluster. Need to be RA to use the transwarp gate. That means farming three times as long for tier 5 mats in Zenas Expanse.

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Originally Posted by dstahl (Post 3214238)
MK 10: Tachyon Wave Signature, Exobiological Data, Photonic Technology
* Zenas Expanse
* B'Tran Cluster (41)
* Azlesa Expanse (41)
(or missions level 36 to 49)

That helped a lot yes:)

thanks fellows, we'll make a crafter out of me yet!

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The best way to get the samples you need for the Aegis set that I've seen is doing your Rear Admiral dailies in B'tran. As noted up above, the Zenas Expanse will give you what you need, very slowly. Oof.

If you're just working on getting your crafting skill up, hit Delta Volanis and farm reds, turn the reds into templates. Arucanis Arm is also a good spot, it will give you half reds and half the anomolies you need to make actual first-tier items. That's what worked for me, anyway.

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