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Archived Post 01-06-2011 07:31 AM

Crew Costumes
One thing I've noticed is that most everybody I've teame with matches their crew uniforms with theirs, this is time consuming to do with each character, and if you change your uniform and want to change theirs even more so.

Would it be possible to either create a "match to captain" button on the crew costume thing and then everything except the color of your class would atuo-change into the uniform of the captain. With this and the addition of a crew color pallet so the captain can pick the exact shades that they want for their tactical, science and engineering officers would really streamline the option.

Failing that the addition of an "Officer Uniform" tab in the captain's tab at the tailor would be cool so people could design crew uniforms and colors and have their bridge crew (as will as random "Security" officers) show up in these uniforms...

It would also be nice if the crew on your ship (when you visit it) and on away teams matched that of their captain rather than a random or generic uniform.

Thanks for listening.

Archived Post 01-07-2011 06:07 AM

I agree. There should be a tab or an option to make the same crew (even the enlisted) have the same uniform.

Archived Post 01-07-2011 07:12 AM

They might as well use the same mechanic they have for fleet uniforms. Just add to the existing fleet uniform drop-down all the existing uniforms you have and have it copy the settings over. Then you can make slight alterations (e.g., colour to denote department) and save the headache.

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