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Archived Post 01-07-2011 03:49 PM

Need or Greed Revision Suggested
I am sure all of you have expereinced or been aware of the "problem", or thats what I am going to call it for now with the system and how it shows need or greed item selection...

Currently, the system pops a box asking you to need or greed or pass. This part is OK... The part that I think could be improved is this... Instead of having all that information in yellow that comes up right in front of you; a more simpler system could be implemented. Since need or greed only works for team settings anyways, could this be moved to in or around the team member icons?

For example, have a little spot (just like the buffs or defuffs have) for the particular team member. If they Need, an "N" in their icon shows up, if they greed, a "G" and Pass, a "P". Once everyone has selected, the icon that now shows up in front of everyone in yellow can be moved next to the person's icon who won it. This will get rid of the text in front of you (but keep it in the system chat). The screen has would now be cleaned of the clutter of the "need or greed" system...

Jeremy, Fleet Founder
106th Fleet

Archived Post 01-17-2011 12:17 AM

I have moved the need or greed buttons to the left side of my screen so that it does not pop-up in the middle of my screen. I believe you can do the same with the text that shows what people are voting.

If you click on the ESC key you can drag the boxes around resize them and move them to a spot so they do not interfere to much with your game play.


Archived Post 01-23-2011 01:49 PM

Yeah I am aware of this as I have already done it as well. But it is still cluttered on the main screen. And the actual box where you select need or greed was not an issue to me, just the way the system notifies you with the yellow text.. It overlaps, and compacts with itself and just seems cluttered... A simple revision to an icon(s) showing N for selelcting Need, G for greed, etc along with the item icon next to the persons icon on the team will greatly clean up the clutter...

106th Fleet

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