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Archived Post 01-09-2011 05:12 AM

STF kdf storyline
i have done infected and the cure and will try to get KA done at one point but something that is bugging me is, what is the point? what is the story?
See, in all STF's, or "raids" in games there is a storyline to show why are you doing it but the design of the way the stf's are done (namely the popup that shows up at the most inopportune times) doesn't lend itself to storytelling (because you need to close it as soon as possible).
So my question is, could I get a synopsis of the STF's from a storyline perspective?
Thank you..

Archived Post 01-10-2011 05:55 AM

you can actually go back to read said messages in your captain's log, there's a message log as well, that will go over the last x amount of pop up messages given to you, so when you run the missions you can always look back and read later.

I really cant say what they say since i haven't run them yet. >.>

Archived Post 01-10-2011 10:03 AM

Bah. The log isn't that helpful.
Funny how I can't find a real story behind the Stf's anywhere

Archived Post 01-10-2011 10:46 AM

Infected- borg have over run the Starfleet starbase
Cure- The klingons are being over powered
KA- The borg went to the past to mess the timeline up (if you notice its the same colony on the ground part as the game tutorial when you start a new fed character)

Archived Post 01-10-2011 02:26 PM

I recall I got my story info on them from (or whatever its URL is). STO Wiki isn't that great for the STFs right now.

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