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Crusaders (New Fleet Forming)
Welcome to the Crusaders.

The Crusaders will be a fleet dedicated toward making new friends and succeeding at all aspects of STO, whether it be fleet actions, episode missions or the STF's.

Having run my own guilds withing SWG, WoW & EvE to name a few i thought it about time i started one here and to that end I am looking for likeminded people who want to have fun in STO. I'm on UK timezone but its not required that you be from the UK also just that you bear that in mind with your own play times.

I have a TS3 Server which is a requirement for the co-ordination during STF's.

My ingame name is geordie@rolfcopter

look forward to meeting anyone who like more info.

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i'm interested will pm u ingame :)

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up to the top for a new fleet

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back to the top for sto's newest fleet

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