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Archived Post 01-16-2011 01:10 PM

Think Tank - Old post.
If you have clicked here I shall assume you are a curious person which would like to know more about the Think Tank.

The Think Tank is a relatively new fleet under the control of players that have been present since the early Star Trek Online beta tests.
Above all we believe a fleet should enhance the quality of the game and not diminish the fun by enforcing strict rules and regulations.
We're all here to play a game and as such, we represent an even mix of players, from content creation to PVP and STFs.
We often engage in impromptu parties and group with players of all levels.

It is our belief that a fleet should be made up of people, not numbers; and that everybody is equal.

Recently, we have been called the "friendliest fleet in the game" - (Which pleases me greatly :))

So, if you are Lt. 6 or higher you may already qualify for entry. If we have still peaked your interest please visit our website and send an application form.


If you have any further questions, please feel free to email us by clicking here.

Archived Post 01-16-2011 01:33 PM

Also we have pie.

Archived Post 01-16-2011 05:39 PM

Mmm, pie.
Mmm I like pie, unfortunately I'm already a member so I can't apply :O

Archived Post 01-16-2011 06:02 PM

Well you can still have pie! :D

Archived Post 01-16-2011 06:45 PM

We really are a groovy bunch of people spanning the globe from Europe to America - enjoying some STO! Please let us know if you are interested in joining the Think Tank Fleet. You'll wonder why it took you so long to join us!

Looking forward to meeting and getting to know all of our new recruits!

Archived Post 01-16-2011 11:42 PM

Pie you say?..I'm off to sign up this very second.

Archived Post 01-17-2011 05:52 PM

Yes :3

And for signing up, you can choose which pie you would like :D

Archived Post 01-18-2011 09:07 AM

We're a month old today and we have over 30 characters!

Hurrah! With a ying a yang and a yippity do!

Archived Post 01-18-2011 09:20 AM

I am looking for a fleet of relatively casual players. I mainly want a chat channel with friendly people to chat with while I play. Also for a group to do missions and other fun things with, and people to ask questions, gain knowledge, and share the knowledge I already have. I dont particularly like the idea of ranks and rules being shoved up my nose, although I can appreciate these things to a point. I just need a group of friendly people to enjoy the game with. Is this fleet for me?

Archived Post 01-18-2011 11:38 AM

It is certainly worth applying and, if you don't feel you fit in with us, you just have to say so and there are no hard feelings. Not everyone is going to completely fit our particular brand of crazy!

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